Why Organic SEO has Higher ROI than PPC for any Website
August 21, 2009

Organic or Natural Search Engine Optimization usually gives a much higher Return on Investment (ROI) than Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertisement Model for any website. This is true for three main reasons:

1. More searchers click the Natural Search Engine results versus the Pay-per-Click ads, so any web site gets much more traffic for less. Latest research shows that only 1/10th of the clicks go towards Pay-per-Click ads in the Search Engine results.

2. One of the biggest factors in improving any site’s Search Engine rankings with Natural or Organic Search Engine Optimization is by boosting the site’s "Link Popularity" by getting links that point to Website. Backlinks not only ensure long term top rankings and traffic from the Search Engines but also the links themselves provide a significant source of targeted traffic.

3. Most of the companies doing paid online marketing spend a majority of their PPC budget on traffic from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These Search Engines offer an Auction-Based Payment system for each keyword. Their Auction Format guarantees that advertisers have to pay the absolute highest possible amount for each click.

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