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September 07, 2009 09:20:16
Web Design Research:- Before initiating the creative task of designing a website, performing research is very important. Research for web design includes studying the competitor websites (both that are doing well and also that are not) and website industry analysis (that include analysis of the colors, graphics and styles that are predominantly used in a certain industry). ...Read more
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September 08, 2009 09:28:05
Brainstorming for new Web Design Ideas:- After Web Design research part is completed, the next step should be to brainstorm new ideas based upon the research performed for the website and needs and requirements of the client. This is a very important process that can be the difference between a routine design and the winning one! This is where Web ...Read more
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September 10, 2009 09:13:02
Start the Web Design:- Before start doing the web design of any website, it is best to review the web design research and multiple ideas with the client and also list down the requirements of the project, both visual and technical. This is a very important step in web design process to achieve clarity, mutual understanding and eventually helps ...Read more
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September 15, 2009 09:28:02
Check the Web Design Compatibility with Requirements:-  Checking the web design compatibility with the requirements is very important because at the end of the day creative design can not be achieved without making it compatible with the requirements: that entails both visual and technical requirements. Some web designers tend to overlook the technical requirements ...Read more
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