Part one- How to have a Creative Web Design
September 07, 2009

Web Design Research:- Before initiating the creative task of designing a website, performing research is very important. Research for web design includes studying the competitor websites (both that are doing well and also that are not) and website industry analysis (that include analysis of the colors, graphics and styles that are predominantly used in a certain industry). Quality and detailed research is key to designing a creative and high impact website.

Another advantage of doing web design research is that, it makes it lot easier for web designer to effectively communicate with the client regarding web design. As communication is very important process in creating a good design, web design research helps bridge the toughest part of communication, as it enables web designer and client to reach on an agreement point in finalizing the design.

Sometimes web design firms encounter clients that have no clue as to what their website design should be and they rely solely on the web designer to come up with the design concepts for the website, and this is where the web design research kicks in and helps a great deal.

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