Part 5 - Optimizing Web Design to Reduce Bounce Rate for any Website
October 26, 2009

Consider following points to optimize the Web Design, in order to reduce the bounce rate for your website,

Color Choices for Web Design

Color choices for Web Design make a huge difference in making a website successful on the web and reducing its bounce rate. Selection of colors needs very careful and thorough analysis, because preferred colors vary from country to country and region to region.  First you should establish your target market and then select the colors accordingly. Blue is considered color of the Web. Color mixing is also very important.

In order to reduce the bounce rate of your website, you must ensure that color combinations you use are selected after analyzing your target market, and colors have adherence with the theme of your website.

Page Load Time

Optimizing website load time helps a great deal in reducing the bounce rate of any website because visitors tend to leave the websites that are slow and take lot of time in loading. Slow websites are frustrating and leave bad impact on the visitors. In order to reduce the bounce rate of your website, make sure that your website has less and well optimized load time before making it online.

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