Part 2 - Importance of Simplicity in Web Design
November 17, 2009

Great and effective use of spacing leads to simplicity in any Web Design. Often spacing is the design element which is overlooked by many web designers but it can be used very effectively, as can be seen in many websites and ads of bigger brands, to establish a strong brand identity.

Below are the spacing aspects that should be given due importance and attention in the design process,

White Space

First of all, I would like to clear the point that white space does not need to be white. This ‘white space’ term simply refers to empty space on a web page. If used effectively, white space can really enhance a web design and increase its effectiveness a few notches. It was deemed to be as wastage area of a web page by many designers but now it has all changed with web 2.0! Now designers use white space to give balance, proportion and contrast to a web page.

Good use of white space makes things seem more elegant and up market in any design and establishes strong brand identity and leave a great and lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. This design element is used very well by bigger brands in their ads and websites.

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