Important Website Factors that can be the Difference between Success and Failure- Part three
May 27, 2009

Printer Friendliness

Printer Friendliness is a very important factor in making a website successful because it not only helps in making a website more user friendly but also helps a great deal in SEO. Printer Friendliness is achieved by creating Print Style Sheet. Printer Friendliness enables a user to print only the main content of the web page and excludes the navigation and other design elements while printing. Having a Print Style Sheet is also recommended in SEO.

404 Page

One of the most commonly overlooked design element is the 404 page. If a user requests a page that doesn't exist or no more exists on your website, your 404 page is displayed. 404 page makes a website more user friendly because it helps users to get back on track by providing sufficient information and/or directs them to homepage or any other related page of your website. Having a 404 page is also recommended in SEO.

Functionality Testing

Thorough functionality testing is another important task that you must perform before making a website online. Website sections like links, contact forms, search functionality, shopping cart and user log-in areas should be tested with great detail. It is recommended that testing should be performed by person other than the developer.

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